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Writing is therapeutic. #hope #look #forgive #smile #inspiration #noregrets #positivethoughts

Wise words. Who said you can’t be smart & beautiful? #chinup #smile #marilynmonroe

My motto everyday! #thenItweetthelyrics #thankgoodnessformusic #musicappreciation


New Cover: Paradise Fears - “One Headlight”

Originally by The Wallflowers



It’s momemts like this that make me wish that life came with a rewind button.


when Michael Walker creates a story with Catey & Olivia. 

I miss this!  So hysterical! Hahahaha

I am infatuated with this song!

Please don’t stand so close to me; I’m having trouble breathing. I’m afraid of what you’ll see right now. I give you everything I am, all my broken heartbeats, until I know you’ll understand. And I will make sure to keep my distance. Say I love you, and you’re not listening. And how long can we keep this up?

-Distance, Christina Perri


#23 before i die i want to thank the bands for all the amazing people they have brought into my life

Alex looks surprised…or scared!

I am imperfect but I have no regrets. Everything I’ve done and everything I’ve been through has made me…well me. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve made bad decisions and I’ve owned up to them all. I may be sorry for my actions and my inconsiderations, but I can’t take those moments back, nor do I want to. Sometimes, I am humbled by my decisions, but I do things that make me have butterflies in my stomach because taking chances is always worth the risk, regardless of the outcome. I don’t want to left saying “what if”. Not everything works out as planned and it is OK. I have learned from these experiences and moved on.

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This is sooo me! I love Audrey Hepburn. (Taken with Instagram)